Five ways to use bed throws in your room

Bed throws are always an excellent way to add a new look and style to your room. They add warmth and color to the room. If you have been thinking about adding bed throws to your room, this is a perfect time. Perhaps you aren’t aware of the right way to do it. There are several ways you can do it without feeling confused. We have listed some ways below to help you have a classy look in your room. Check out.cat8030003-fw

Wrap across the end of the bed

There are times you feel as if your room is too cold. This is the time you should think about adding some warmth to the bedroom. Whether it is your bedroom or guest room, make a casual bedding look unique by adding a throw.  Here is what you should do to get the look simple look; carefully fold the throw end-to-end and wrap it crosswise to the end of the bed. How does it look? I’m usual you will love the look.

Use colors wisely

HTB1svBFHXXXXXctXXXXq6xXFXXX3If you have a big bed, then you will confirm that using bed throws has never been easy. Colors make meaning when it comes to such beds. If you are one of those people who always find it difficult, then this might one technique might excite you to know. Find a throw blanket in a dark shade of brown and placed it on your king sized bed with a light bed linen. I’m sure it will look beautiful.  It is without a doubt that it will make the big bed feel comfy.


Avoid folding the fur throw

I’m sure very few people don’t fold the fur throw. If you usually fold it, I will show you a different way to use you’re your throw, and you will like it. If you drape a big fur throw over your bed, it will add some attraction, and if it is wider than your bed, this makes it even better.

Pull up the throw

More often than not, many you are likely to place throws at the end of your bed. This doesn’t have to be that way. Large throws can be pulled to three-quarters of the bed. You realize that doing this add some personality and warmth to your room.

Match your curtain and throws


You do not want the color scheme of the bedroom to lose meaning. In this case, matching the curtain to rugs and throws can be useful. It completes the bedroom color scheme and makes it look classy and appealing. Think of what works when you use a different curtain and make a difference in your room.


Bottom line

Throws are very essential, but sometimes it depends on how you use them in your home and most especially in the bedroom. Even if nobody enters your room, it pays to use bed throws in the right way. Add a simple bed throw in your room and create calm, welcoming sight.

Bed throws buying guide

Beds are places where we spend time during sleep. Bedrooms should be places to get comfort while relaxing. One way of getting such satisfaction is by getting bed throws because they can add warmness and charisma to your room. Using bed throws is one way to complement the bed and improve the ambiance of your bedroom. Shopping for bed throws can be a tedious process but one that pays off over time. We are going to share the factors that you should look into when choosing one.



Bed throws come in different materials. The materials used may differ from one throw to another and may determine the time of the year the bed throws can be utilized. For example, cotton bed throws are good summer season and warmer climates. Therefore when picking, consider the time the bed throw will be utilized. Wool is another material that makes bed throws. It is a great option during the chilly seasons of the year. The materials also used to determine the look and feel of the bed throw.



Bed throw color is another aspect that adds personality to your room. This will mainly depend on what you are working to achieve. Whether you are selecting to have a new look or want something plush, color is essential. You should choose a bed throw color that complements your beddings and room. Pick bed throws that will give you a feeling of relaxation and calmness when you want to rest.


Bed throws come in different types. The prices are not same, and therefore it will depend on what you want. If you want to get the bedding on a budget, then you might consider choosing one that is made of lighter materials. Keep in mind the material used to make bed throws influence price considerably. Always choose bed throws that are within your budget but can meet your requirements. Avoid going or too high or low. Buy bed throws that are moderately priced but will pay off over its lifetime.


When purchasing blanket throws and Christchurch Furniture , ensure you get the right size for your bed. Throws come in various sizes, and there is a possibility there are some that do not cover the whole bed. It is necessary to know what you need before picking one. But they still offer significant benefits. If you love reading in bed, choose a bed throw size that will satisfy your needs.

Bottom line

After you have chosen your bed throws, it is time to think how to care and maintain them properly to prolong the lifespan. Always ensure you understand the instructions that come with the bed throws to know what you should do when you want to do the cleaning. It is worth mentioning that care of maintenance of different bed throws depends on the techniques and material they are made up of. Also, if you have allergies, we recommend you choose cotton bed throws. Well, add luxury to your bedroom with the preferred throws.

What is necessary to consider material when choosing bed throws?

Material is an essential factor to consider when choosing bed throws. First let’s help you know that throws are somehow small as compared to blankets and you can swathe them, around the neck as you read in bed.  We are not the same, and therefore we tend to have different preferences. While you may prefer thinner throws, your friend next door might not. Though they come in various colors, the fact is that material is still an influential factor. Continue reading to learn more about why you should make more emphasis on the material when choosing a bed throw.


Material used to make throws

First, let’s see the materials used to make the bed throws. They include the following;


This is a flax plant fiber. It is an excellent material for making throws. Such bed throws made are ideal for warmer and summer climates. Although linen materials wrinkle easily, it gets softer with each wash.


This includes fibers from the rip off of sheep, lambs, and goats. Here is why you might consider choosing wool bed throws;

It is breathable and warm, and this makes it the best for those cold nights and cooler temperature. It is machine washable, and this means it is easy to care for. Wool is flexible since it adapts to temperature changes. Don’t forget that it is fire resistant. Therefore you can use the bed throw even in your room upcountry to add some warmth.



One thing why you might choose cotton bed throws is because of the natural fiber that makes them comfy, soft and breathable. Bed throws of this material have a gentle touch and are lush, and they also get softer with every wash. They are also easy to care. They are great to use during summer time.

How to clean bed throws

Perhaps you are wondering how to clean the bed throws after choosing materials like cotton and wool. It is not as complicated as you consider. Check out some of the tips on how to do the cleaning.

Most of the bed throws are not hard to clean. However, you will need to read the instructions that accompany your throw. If it says wash by machine, washing by hand will be the greatest mistake. But most of them are machine wash and Dunedin furniture which means you can throw them in the washer and dryer. Ensure that at all times when cleaning them you use warm water or gentle detergent. Also, ensure you remove the stains as soon you notice them on your throws.

Bottom line

Every factor is important when choosing bed throws. For example, color is necessary as it helps communicate certain feelings. But the material you choose determines how long your bed throw will last. Some stuff will only last for a short period. To get the value of your money consider material and the benefits that come along with it. Where you also live matters when it comes to material and what you like using at certain seasons of the year.